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Import & Export

We operate an efficient, safe and high quality logistics network globally. We communicate and coordinate with logistics partners to ensure timely delivery for not only full container load but also LTL shipment. With scale and global presence in place, we can consolidate shipment efficiently and cost effectively to fulfill delivery. We continue to extend access to international markets and are actively pursuing business opportunities in North America, central America, Caribbean and Latin America.


Our warehousing and inventory management system provide value added service and improve supply chain efficiency to meet growing demand from customers around the world. This also ensures us to fulfill customer's orders within a short period of time so they can focus on their own priorities in business and keep it moving. As a reliable supplier, we monitor and replenish inventory regularly based on customers' yearly forecast. All of those give us edge over competition to support every customer to have a sustaining growth for the long term.


We had a long history of sourcing top quality components and finished products primarily from China since early 1990s. Our sourcing expertise, extensive experience, strong engineering background and purchasing power help a number of clients to boost profit margin while reduce the cost dramatically. We are committed to us utilize the MOST EFFECTIVE resources in product development, prototyping, sampling, manufacturing, arranging custom clearance & shipment delivery to your door in a hassle free environment.

Over years, we have successfully developed reputable and most importantly ISO certified supplier base overseas who can not only run mass production at very competitive price but also satisfy North American quality standard. We are proud ourselves for becoming a total solution provider because the comprehensive line of products we can offer as well as the number of industries we can service.